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The company has60Years of professional design、Manufacture of boiler and pressure vessel、The history of the chemical equipment,Is the earliest in our countryAOne of the level of boiler manufacturing enterprises

Coal-fired boiler、The steam turbine、The generator and power transmission and transformation Burning biomass boilers、The steam turbine、The generator and power transmission and transformation


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4D--Low bed pressure、Low wear and tear、Low emissions、Low running cost;Fuel wide adaptability、Environmental protection performance、Wide range of load regulation


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A number of its own patent technology、The equipment investment is low,Operation cost is low、Fuel: suit、High thermal efficiency、Technology and reliable environmental emissions


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WNSSeries SZSSeries The condensing boiler


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The only company in hunan province provincial engineering technology research center


About us

About us

The company's predecessor is xiangtan boiler plant,Was built in1958Years,A60Years of professional design、Manufacture of boiler and pressure vessel、The history of the chemical equipment。The company has the countryAAnd the level of boiler manufacturing licenseDClass pressure vessel design、Manufacturing license,A key leading enterprise boiler industry,Is electrical equipment industry association of industrial boiler branch, deputy director of the unit、Machinery industry association executive director of hunan province、Standing director of hunan power engineering society、Welding association, standing director unit of hunan province…    Understand in detail+

Xiangtan boiler co., LTD

Customer case

Company's products sell well all over the country and southeast Asia more than 40 regions and countries,Deeply domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise


Customer case

Xiang cellar liquor three condensing gas-fired boiler into the installation and debugging

2017Years8Month22Day,I company for the three of xiang cellar liquor production condensing gas-fired boiler into official site installation and debugging,The installation and debugging effects praise users。

Guangzhou baiyun50t/hBoiler is the site of the project

My company2010In manufacturing medium temperature of medium voltage50t/hMedium fluidized bed cogeneration projects,Belt6000kwSmoke condensation generating set。Currently running stable,Boiler combustion good state,High customer evaluation。  The customer unit:Guangzhou baiyun new industrial co., LTD Address:Guangzhou huadu district

Hunan HuangYe foodSZF-18t/hBurning biomass boiler installation site

Xiang pan gas boiler contractor project completion all over the country
Xiang pan[2019]The first009Number《About the handling of Hu Jianyue decision》
Thousand by China enterprise confederation million households,Love warm room——Xiangtan boiler accurate documentary poverty alleviation activities
stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission ——Golden melting pot,Create brilliant again
give a lik!Congratulations to diaphragm wall team made“The workers pioneer”The title
Association for the advancement of enterprise cooperation,Boosting innovation and development——Fujian power engineering society xiangtan boiler service signing ceremony and academic report of documentary
“Struggle is the impression of the most beautiful youth”——Xiangtan boiler to commemorate the May 4th movement100Anniversary of documentary
Coal-fired industrial boilers transformation of two big ways
2018What are in coal-fired industrial boilers
Xiangtan boiler participating in drafting the national standardsGB/T 34912-2017《Industrial boiler system energy saving design guidelines》
Country because of the quality and strong With the expansion of our quality
《Coal-fired boiler energy conservation and environmental protection comprehensive promotion project implementation plan》
《Significant energy saving technology and equipment industrialization project implementation plan》
Hunan province science and technology award for recommendation (2019The annual)
Tam create do hair〔2018〕3Number-About the printing《Xiangtan city integrity“Red HeiBang”Release system and implementation plan》The notice
Cartoon version of socialist core values24Words to explain,One can understand
Xiangtan boiler“To the national May 1 labor medal winner——Comrade tan Fang learning”In the report
《Xiang pan boutique strategic project》——High-quality goods strategy lecture series(The first five lectures The speaker Deng Mingqiang)
《Enterprises and employees》——High-quality goods strategy lecture series(In the fourth The speaker tie-jun he)
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