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Teflon microwave vulcanization…Teflon microwave vulcanization…Teflon microwave vulcanization…Teflon microwave vulcanization…Joint setCombinationCafe ribbon from type paper tape…Ga color big roll of duct tapeCombination with paper tapeSeamless belt nailingThe red filmHigh temperature cloth edgeBaking net bagBlackConducting barNailingColor combinationComputer imagesThe solar cell series welding machine…6Round hole
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Our company is a professional research and development、Production and sales of teflon(PTFE)Materials series products of export-oriented enterprises。Brand positioning in the teflon series products,There are mainly teflon mesh belt、Teflon high temperature cloth、High temperature teflon tape、Fusing machine belt、Double packing industry belt、Photovoltaic industry professional high temperature cloth, etc。Now the factory area20000Square meters,It happened18A domestic advanced state、Horizontal coating drying equipment,And the warping machine,Ultra wide loom Such as equipment。My company with a number of related scientific research units established a cooperative relationship,And hired a number of skilled professionals,Introduced the domestic and foreign advanced production processing technology。Company now has the production capacity in the industry、Advanced technology、Stable product quality advantages。Products have been sold throughout the country and overseas markets。In order to ensure that products on the market after let customers with peace of mind、Rest assured,The company also set up the professional after-sales service team,Services cover all over the country and overseas。...To learn more>>

The high temperature tape(Belt)Series of products

Teflon glass fiber(Glue)The cloth...

2018Company employment skills training commencement ceremony

2018Company employment skills training commencement ceremony...

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